Orangutan and the SUBUD




The Subud is a word wide organization with a vague background. During the previous decades it become a serious network, which has an effective on every aspect of life, including banks, organizations for youth and culture, enterprises, foundations and a huge empire of property wealth.

Actually Subud is a sect, based on the Islam, with myriad members, who can govern using financial dependence and psychical effect (Lathian trance) too. 

The official founder was R.M. Muhammad Subuh Sumohadiwidjujo (1901-1987), known after the World War II. as Pak Subuh from Indonesia. At the beginning the sect existed only in Java, but in the 50’s – 60’s it extended word wide, taking out influential people to be their supporter directly or by implication. However the real intellectual leading and ideology bases came from a totally different direction. Doctrines, worded by the well-known Russian dancer Gurdjieff, has been translated to the sect in the 40’s – 50’s by John G. Bennett, who was the disciple of Gurdjieff with a very interesting intelligence past and can be correlate with more organizations. Since the tsarist period ends Gurdjieff itself has been getting in a vague touch with Russians.

Subud established a consistent network of enterprises around the word and in that countries, which are important for them. That includes foundations, banks, huge agricultural territories, mines, powerhouses and a wide range of processing trades. The one of the oldest organization has been built in Borneo, Indonesia, influencing the whole local region financial life.

Subud could create an empire, consist of free labor forces and industries network, by a microcredit system for the pour and backward Dajak folk lived in the island. Dajak families meant a cheap and governable labor, because their children can work with them in the Subud’s mines and plantation. One plantation of oil palm tree needs 8 years to become productive, therefore it is important to hold the costs low. On that score Subud employs a mass of children. 

In the picture above, published by the Subud in their newspaper, underage are working with poisonous mercury to extract the material in the Subud’s mines. This activity permanently destroys these children’s health and a big part of them shortly get seriously ill.



The picture above is published in the Subud’s newspaper too. This is one of the many orphanage, where orphans are raised according to the Islam. They are used as a soldier for hidden and destroyer purposes of the Subud


Subud proudly writes in its papers, that they employ children too at the pour territories. In point of fact there is nothing but conscious and unscrupulous utilization of local and cheap children labor. Mass of children work for businesses founded by Subud, they work in plantations and mines. Their daily attendance is a part of the local economy practice of Subud and with them, Subud can realize maximum benefit. They can raise these little children according to the sect’s religious routine, that makes the children loyal soldiers of the Subud, and they can be used for any unclear purposes. This is one of the pourest region of the world and the only one living opportunities here are the workplaces set up by Subud. Subud has organized and own every part of the industry’s production, therefor they can control the whole process. Mining, white coal, plantations of gum and oil palm trees warrant the welfare of the economy empire outsourcing to their foundations. These system can financial a global organization and infrastructure network during nations.

On the plantations of gum and oil palm trees (20.000 hectare - Kalimantan’s Palm Oil Project - the Newsletter of Subud Enterprise Services USA Volume 5 Number 1 www.sesusa.com September 2012) children labor and the environment destruction is a daily activity. Plantations are given rise on the cuttings, effectuated by havoc of the seriously reduced rain forests. All of this causes the disappearance of the territory of a special orangutan species, which exists only that place. Cutting the rain forests causes that the existed orangutan substance has to wander to the plantation, where their attendance are undesirable, therefore these individuals are shouted down by the locals, because the orangutans destroy their only workplaces given them by the Subud. Disciples of the Islam definitely protect the environment and the animals. There are a lot of local Indonesian religious directions about the increased protection of the habitat. All of these facts confirm, that Subud, who call itself as a follower of the Islam, actually use the religion only to hide their real function, the economy and political purposes. 





In the illustration above the extent of the cutting rain forest is in evidence, and it obviously leads the extinction of the orangutans, because there is no territory left for them.

The Subud beneficiaries do not care about all of this, because they are well compensated by the high market prices of their raw material. The benefit is high enough to be charitable, therefore Subud can act like a caterer mother and from their mega high benefit it is definitely easy to give some little presents back to the Dajaks, but in truth Subud only exploits their really cheap manpower.

Yayasan Tambuak Sinta -  www.tambuhaksinta.com

Subud creates in the field of the cutting forests not only plantations but cities as well, like Palangka Raya Kőzép in the island of Borneo. Statehood is represented by the Subud, actually they totally govern whole Indonesia. They do own the chains of hotels too. PRACTICALLY everything is owned by the Subud.

Rungang Sari Resort and Meeting Center - www.rungansariresort.com

Not only the newly born cities and plantations, but the outside poisonous copper and gold mining destroys the rain forests. This huge mining companies are for example:

Kalimantan Gold Corp. www.kalimantan.com


Freeport-McMoRan Exploration Corporation.

These companies employ more hundreds workers indirectly.

All subgenera of the orangutan of borneo are endangered, but according to the scientists the situation of the Pongo pygmaeus pygmaeus, counted only 3000-4500 individual, is specially critical. Central Borneo is the main still exist territory of the orangutans, right there, where the Subud-empire havocs the environment.




By an United Nations study (2007, a UNEP report, The Last stand of the Orangutan) until 2022 98% of the Indonesian rain forests are ruined in Borneo, and the unclear background Subud is the only one, who is responsible for this activity. They destroy the forests and the territory of the orangutans en masse.




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